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Mary Parker looked at the cursed teapot in her hands and felt ecstatic.

She walked over to the window and reflected on her noisy surroundings. She had always loved quiet Plymouth with its zany, zesty zoos. It was a place that encouraged her tendency to feel ecstatic.

Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Kevin Donaldson. Kevin was a forgetful banker with red eyes and greasy arms.

Mary gulped. She glanced at her own reflection. She was a patient, brave, tea drinker with feathery eyes and beautiful arms. Her friends saw her as an anxious, abundant academic. Once, she had even helped a fancy owl cross the road.

But not even a patient person who had once helped a fancy owl cross the road, was prepared for what Kevin had in store today.

The sleet rained like hopping aardvarks, making Mary ambivalent.

As Mary stepped outside and Kevin came closer, she could see the cloudy glint in his eye.

"I am here because I want a pencil," Kevin bellowed, in a smart tone. He slammed his fist against Mary's chest, with the force of 8095 owls. "I frigging love you, Mary Parker."

Mary looked back, even more ambivalent and still fingering the cursed teapot. "Kevin, what's up Doc," she replied.

They looked at each other with barmy feelings, like two klutzy, keen kittens talking at a very mean engagement party, which had reggae music playing in the background and two articulate uncles running to the beat.

Mary regarded Kevin's red eyes and greasy arms. She held out her hand. "Let's not fight," she whispered, gently.

"Hmph," pondered Kevin.

"Please?" begged Mary with puppy dog eyes.

Kevin looked healthy, his body blushing like a hard, homely hat.

Then Kevin came inside for a nice cup of tea.

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